The ICA (Indian Corporate Awards) is a unique initiative to recognize, applaud and salute those achievers and leaders who have made their mark and do it consistently, serving their organizations and the corporate world!

HR Awards Categories

Best Global HR Strategy


The category of awards honors companies that have accomplished (or are on their way to attaining) global growth and development with an HR plan strongly aligned with their corporate goals and ultimately bringing the organizational plan to fruition.


IT Awards Categories

Information Technology Department of the Month


Join this category if you want to recognize the recent accomplishments of everyone in your company who works in technology functions irrespective of role, place, seniority or position.


Procurement Award Categories

Best Initiative to Deliver Social Value through Procurement


This category is open to organizations in the public and private sectors that have used progressive

procurement and contracting programs to provide benefits to society.


Finance Summit & Awards

Chief Financial Officer


This Award will commend greatness, best practices and remarkable accomplishments by India's driving Chief Financial Officers. These are people who have built up themselves as key masterminds, confided in counsels, clever pioneers, or more all experts at resource the executives. The Awards find, perceive and reward experts who have empowered organizations to go past the standard, and furthermore have positively affected the network on the loose.


PR Awards & Communication

Best Use of Analytics


This award will go to the campaign, project, or system that demonstrates the most successful use of analysis and evaluation in both setting targets and evaluating progress as well as successful evaluation of the media.


Leadership Awards Categories

Operational Excellence Leadership


Winners in this category implement continuous improvement projects such as lean and Six Sigma that reduce costs, streamline processes, reduce waste, improve quality, and enhance overall equipment effectiveness. Winning projects demonstrate commitment over time, measurable results, and enhanced performance of the organization as a whole.


Marketing Award Categories

Best B2B Campaign


For any B2B brand, company or product, operating in the B2B sphere and with a one- sequence in an extended campaign across single or several channels. Outcomes include engagement, recruiting and retention of clients, selling or exchanging uplifts and uplifts of products.


Customer Experience Categories

Best CX Advisory Partner